WWF-SIGHT is an online mapping platform which provides an up to date and reliable means of visually and quantitatively comparing development projects against key environmental data almost anywhere on Earth. WWF-SIGHT is hosted on WWF's Global Observation and Biodiversity Information Portal (GLOBIL)


To improve decision making through easy access to spatial information and analysis early in the project life-cycle, leading to reduced environmental and social risks and more sustainable investment and development.


Improved Awareness

WWF-SIGHT allows users to consider proposed and existing development projects across multiple sectors. Using specific functions within WWF-SIGHT, users can compare existing and proposed development projects against a diverse range of environmental variables, providing a rapid and consistent method of evaluating the potential environmental and social conflicts.

Bridging the gap

The link between projects and their ultimate ownership is often difficult to establish. Using an ownership analysis developed by the WWF-SIGHT team, we can start to link projects with high environmental risk to the ultimate owners and their financiers. We can thereby highlight development projects with potential reputational and material risks to help encourage more sustainable investment.

Greater Transparency

Improved access to integrated environment and development datasets is expected to improve transparency and help highlight the wider environmental costs of unsustainable development. This should foster greater accountability for governments, companies and financial institutions and enable crucial civil society engagement and monitoring.

Key applications

Monitoring developments

Rapidly assess up-to-date environmental and development datasets to monitor emerging or existing developments against a diverse range of environmental and social variables.

Land use planning

Assess the potential environmental and social conflicts of existing or planned projects to inform key stakeholders and support land use planning and policies to help guide sustainable development.

Tracing investments

WWF-SIGHT's ownership analysis allows to link high risk projects to specific investors in order to engage more effectively and promote greater accountability for governments, companies and investors.

WWF-Sight Team

Susanne Schmitt

Project Lead

Paolo Tibaldeschi

Project advisor

David Patterson

Project Analyst

Pablo Izquierdo

Web GIS Lead

Langen Matthew

GIS Officer

Ludo Nijsten

GLOBIL focal point