Impacts to Marine Ecosystems from Shipping and Fishing Available on WWF-SIGHT

Pablo Izquierdo 03 March 2017

In these layers you will find recent change over 5 years in cumulative impacts to marine ecosystems globally from shipping and fishing (i.e. demersal destructive, demersal non-destructive high bycatch, demersal non-destructive low bycatch, pelagic high bycatch, pelagic low bycatch and artisanal fishing).

Interactive map of the impacts to marine ecosystems from shipping and fishing (Click on the top left of the map for more info).

Human pressures on the ocean are thought to be increasing globally, yet we know little about their patterns of cumulative change, which pressures are most responsible for change, and which places are experiencing the greatest increases. Managers and policymakers require such information to make strategic decisions and monitor progress towards management objectives. Nearly 66% of the ocean and 77% of national jurisdictions show increased human impact, driven mostly by climate change pressures.

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